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A bit more about Chan:

At age 15, Chan Crawford started her first business selling candy at the local college, which she also attended while in high school. Chan took college classes in 9th grade, while attending an advanced academy for teachers, in Los Angeles, California. This is where Chan learned her superior ability in time management, organization, and workload and stress management. Juggling college classes, high school honor’s and AP classes, working part-time at a real estate company, and making profit on her own selling candy, was the beginning of Chan’s dreams to work for herself.

At 17, Chan joined the US Air Force in order to pay for college, “taking the smart road”, so that she could earn her undergraduate degree in psychology at no cost. It’s Chan’s ability and value in working SMART, and NOT HARD, that has allowed her to get to where she is today, as a 3x business owner, under the age of 30.

Chan’s spent her time in the military studying psychology, while in school, and working in a mental health and substance abuse clinic for the families and soldiers enlisted in the armed forces. This experience gave Chan a great deal of perspective, as she saw thousands of clients, coming into the clinic, with a seemingly insurmountable challenge, and walking out with confidence in overcoming those obstacles. That not only allowed her to learn how to teach other’s how to overcome obstacles, but taught her to do so as well. She had her own bout of depression, after suffering through, and coming out of an abusive marriage. This only empowered Chan to want to continue her studies, and push to become a person that can help others overcome obstacles, like these, so that they can live a better life, and fulfill their potential!

After finishing her undergraduate degree in psychology, Chan went on to study social work at the graduate level. During that time, she lost 65 lbs, while working on herself, and maturing as a young adult. Chan found that people would look to her for guidance, about how she lost weight, and clients began to just flock to her. She then established her second business, TailorFitbyCee, and started consulting as a fitness coach, to help people change their diet and exercise habits, in order to see weight loss results. This made Chan take owning her own business seriously, and she began to invest in her 3rd business, and then founded Beauty of Growth, LLC.

Beauty of Growth, was the first business that Chan was able to work on full time, but during it’s beginning stages, Chan still worked other jobs, in staffing, mental health, and behavioral health. Over the course of 10 years, Chan has managed to continuously promote within a company within the first 90 days. In 6 out of 7 of her previous jobs, Chan was offered a promotion, soon after coming onto a new company, at entry level or at lower-level roles. She learned during her time in management, that she loved to help develop herself and others, and now takes pride in her newest course From BS to Boss Moves 2.0, which helps introverted leaders, pitch and land a promotion, by breaking into leadership with their unique qualities of value!

Beauty of Growth, LLC was established in 2017, in an effort to help other people transform themselves by overcoming certain fears and obstacles, to obtaining life-long goals and finally having victory over one’s life. Now in 2019, Chan has evolved Beauty of Growth, into a personal development brand, that currently focuses on helping ambitious, high achieving, individuals, step fully into their potential, so that they can move forward in life, and take on new and greater opportunities!

If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”

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